Breakfast of Champions

My kids ate bacon and brownie batter for breakfast yesterday morning.  If I had the technical ability, I would open up a poll and you could vote for whether this makes me

(1)  the worst mother ever

(2)  the best mother ever

(3)  the most southern mother ever

(4)  the mother whose house you would most like to visit for breakfast (warning: breakfast begins here before 6am)

(5)  all of the above

Side note: In my defense, the bacon and brownies were actually being made for a friend’s family who was coming over for dinner, so I should get some points for that.  (Less defensible: the fact that we ate every last piece of bacon before the guests arrived…)


5 responses to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. For what it’s worth, I have a firm belief that bacon, like cookies, is something you make for company, but only so that your house smells wonderful. The smell of cookies and/or bacon in the house in no way obligates the owner of said home to actually produce cookies and/or bacon, but rather simply allow others to bask in the “homey” smell they both produce.
    PS– Bacon at 6am? I choose (6) My Hero!

  2. So glad you are blogging!

  3. Yay Kristi! So excited you’ve decided to start this blog. I’ve been blogging about general home/adventures as a new mom stuff for about a year and I love it. It’s a great creative outlet for your brain! We NEED to get the kids together.

  4. We want to come for breakfast!!!!

  5. I am somewhAt notorious for loving bacon. Luke is following in my footsteps. I think the blog is a great idea! This will be more fun than your thesis!

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