To blog, or not to blog . . .

To blog or not to blog . . .

That has been the question! I suppose the punchline to this post has been spoiled, since you are reading it on my new blog. Still, it is worth laying my inspiration and my reservations out there, since together they have helped me figure out what (I hope) this blog will be and what (I really hope) it won’t. I promise most posts won’t be this serious. (teasers for future posts: possible titles include “The Binky Bandit”, “Finding Meaning in a Smashed Fruit Loop” and my personal favorite “Cultivating Dandelions”).

But first, to lay my cognitive dissonance out there:

My inspirations/reasons to blog:
(1) Feeling disconnected from some faraway friends (would love to open a phone line to everyone, but thought maybe opening a window into my head was at least a start?!)
(2) A determination to convince my nearby friends, and remind myself, that I am able to – on occasion – think in complete sentences (This is especially for friends who patiently attempt to converse with me while we all chase kids on the playground!)
(3) The hope that my husband and kids will enjoy a record of this stage of life, and
(4) An itch to write (and the sense that an audience might motivate me to do so…)

My reservations:
(1) Feels presumptuous to send more detail about the thoughts in my head…I promise to counter this by making most of it self-deprecating
(2) That my kids will at some point wish the record was less public. Even though this blog is a peek inside my head, my kids occupy a lot of that brain space and I am sure they will be referenced frequently. I read an article in Newsweek about parent authors (, and it served as a great caution. I will spare you the summary, but author Julia Baird has a few lines worth repeating. She states that “some broadcast the exploits of their offspring in a way that violates not just their privacy but their trust” and says that she “can’t be the only one who is very glad my parents never wrote about my formative years”. She concludes that parents “mess up . . . when they forget that their only real obligation is to protect the child from the world, not offer him up to it”. So I submit that this is not a blog about my children (though they are present) and commit to not offering my children’s full stories, but simply enough of their exploits to make you realize that usually, they are the heroes and I am simply trying to keep up. I further commit to writing nothing that they would cringe to have a future prom date or school-aged archenemy/class bully read. I would love to hear from other bloggers/writers about how they decide where those lines are… (For the record, all the blogs I follow do a great job at this, so if you know I’m a reader, you should be feeling my admiration at this point . . . )
(3) I already have trouble remembering who has heard what from me.  Now I will have no idea who has read what already on the blog.  Feel free to stop me if we’re talking and you’ve heard it or read it before!

(4) That I will start something I cannot finish…telling all of you that I have this blog, then realizing that it is too hard to figure out what is appropriate to include or that there is too little time to write or that I’d rather just save all of it for a Christmas letter : )

So I am taking the plunge (blogging!), but also taking the pressure off myself by saying that if it doesn’t work, I will find a different way to connect with all of you. In the meantime, welcome to my virtual world!


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