We interrupt this blog for an important public service announcement…lightning bugs!

Lightning bug season is here!  We saw the first lightning bugs of summer last night!  The visual came while sitting on our back porch eating watermelon with friends and was very exciting for three reasons:

(1) Lightning bugs!  Who doesn’t love them!  Brings back such great summer memories from my own childhood…

(2) It means we should have an extra fun night with the kids this week.  They normally go to bed at 8 (before the 8:30 sunset) and were asleep last night during the sighting.  That means we’ll either keep them up one night this week, or we’ll sneak up to their rooms when it’s really dark and wake them to come look, and

(3) we are hopeful that the lightning bugs distracted our guests enough that they will forget the mouse that ran across their feet on our (supposedly) screened-in porch during dessert.  Kudos to both of them for pretending that the rodent was cute and choosing to ask for seconds instead of packing their things as my husband herded (yes, herded, with a barricade of chairs and some wild gestures) the mouse out into the yard.

I couldn’t wait to tell the kids about the lightning bugs, but they were actually far more interested in the mouse.  To summarize the conversation from my side…

– “Yes!  A mouse!”

– “No…not Mickey Mouse.”

– “No…not Minnie Mouse.”

– “Yes…I would wake you up if Mickey or Minnie was on the porch and you were sleeping”.

– “Yes…I would especially wake you up if they brought any of their princess or ‘Toy Story’ friends.”

– “Yes!  That would be amazing, but just so we’re clear, if I wake you up this week, it is probably so you can see lightning bugs, not because all of the Disney characters have gathered in the yard.”

Egads.  Maybe we should just go with the plan of letting them stay up later.  I fear if we wake them, they will just end up being disappointed!

Enjoy the lighting bugs!  (And please, if the Disney characters do congregate in your yard at some point this week, call us, call us, call us.  No matter how late!)


6 responses to “We interrupt this blog for an important public service announcement…lightning bugs!

  1. I miss those girls!! You do realize they’re going to tell everyone that a mouse lives in their house, but NOT Mickey Mouse. (Which reminds me E and the pineapple lady! “Somebody else. NOT E!”)

  2. I love that you have a blog!!! Yay! A slightly related anecdote: when Crispin was almost 3, we has a mouse in the house, and I was screaming about it to nobody, since he and I were the only ones home at the time. I can still hear his baby-voice reply, “aaaw Mommy, don’t kill Mickey!!”

  3. You remember the lightening bugs always show up for Uncle Todds birthday. Have fun! I did not have mouse but did suck a lizard up with the vacuum. Joan

  4. Wow. I definitely need more from Mom on this lizard story…

  5. Poor Crispin! and even more emphatically, poor Gina! Thanks for the comment! And I need more on the lizard story also… I do have childhood memories of mom chasing lizards with the vacuum cleaner, so can attest that this is not an isolated incident : )

  6. I am hoping that the said dinner was not Monday night!

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