Flat out crazy

This is a Baby Bjorn.

The Baby Bjorn (DSC_0544)

The Baby Bjorn

It is a wonderful product for carrying infants.  T has outgrown his, so I put it in the pile of things to move to the attic.

This is the tag on the Baby Bjorn.

The tag on the Baby Bjorn (DSC_0548)

The tag on the Baby Bjorn

I read it because I thought I should probably learn how to wash the baby drool off of the Baby Bjorn before putting it in storage, lest the drooly digestive enzymes eat through the supportive material, putting future infant riders in mortal danger.

This is what I discovered on the tag…

Instructions for ironing the Baby Bjorn…  (direct quote: “Iron only at low temperature and never iron trim.”)

Seriously?  Seriously?!?!  Is everyone else ironing their Baby Bjorns?  If so, I am much farther behind than I thought and have zero interest in catching up.

And, yes, I am the mother of E, who at age 3 saw a little girl playing with a miniature ironing board and iron in a toy store and loudly asked “What is she doing?”

And, yes, I responded by waving to all the other mothers (two of whom applauded) and saying, “She’s my daughter.  Yes.  Thank you. Thank you very much”  and then taking a bow before the group.

What’s your point?

I will conclude with a question:  Does anyone think I can convince my husband that I have been spending my days ironing the Baby Bjorn, and that’s why our clothes are so wrinkly?  He’s very smart and has known me for almost a decade.

Probably not?

I’m ok with that.  I have set his expectations low enough that I imagine he will be impressed that after almost a year of carrying T in this contraption (and several years of carrying his sisters in it before that), I have finally decided to wipe off the drool.


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