Are you smarter than the Easter Bunny?

My husband is.

As I was packing up the Easter decorations this morning (Yes, I know it’s June.  Don’t judge me.  Some of those plastic eggs were really well hidden.)  I recalled a conversation my husband had with the Easter Bunny just before Easter.

Easter Bunny: “I was thinking I might bring less candy this year and more activity items – like coloring books – for the kids.”

Husband: “I think that’s a great idea.”

Easter Bunny: “Well, E is really fixated on the 101 Dalmations movie right now, so I was hoping to find a 101 Dalmations coloring book for her.  I’ve been keeping an eye out during the regular shopping trips and have seen a coloring book for almost every animated movie in existence, but I cannot find one for the 101 Dalmations.”

Husband: “I think you should probably stop looking.”

Easter Bunny: “What do you mean?”

Husband: “I mean, even if you found one, do you really want to get her a coloring book about 101 things that are all black and white?”


I knew there was a reason I married this guy.

(And E likes her Toy Story coloring book just fine.)


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