What’s your definition of tacky?

Would it be tacky to put tennis balls on the feet of the chairs in our kitchen?

In case it helps you decide, the other option is baby booties that the kids have outgrown.

I know, I know, you are going to tell me that they make little felt pads that stick to the bottom of the chairs, but those are simply not working for us.  These are the chairs that the kids use for every meal, every snack and every kitchen-table art project.  These are also the chairs that T has claimed as his own personal “walkers”, which means he pushes them all over the house whenever he wants to travel from one room to another.  The end result of all this is that we wear through the felt-pad footies  in about a week, and then I am back at Target.

I was going to use thick socks and rubber bands, but thought that might be considered ‘over the top’ tacky.

Tennis balls could be considered ‘creative’, or even somewhat of a theme…

My husband played tennis in college, and still has (1) a pretty vicious serve and (2) just shy of 1,000 spare tennis balls in our garage.  Despite this, just the other day, he was saying that he did not feel the house really reflected much of his adult character.  (I’m not sure why; there is only one princess castle, one Dora tent and one Barbie mansion on the main floor.  Yes, the girls’ rooms are upstairs.  What?  You think he might have a point?)

Maybe I could convince him that the tennis balls on the feet of each chair were a tribute to him, instead of a reflection on my unwillingness to single-handedly support the felt-pad foot industry.

This week, we are traveling over 1,000 miles round trip with all three kids, and I know for Father’s Day, all my husband really wants is to have everything packed and be on the road at 7am Thursday morning.  Since I know there is no way that is going to actually happen, maybe I could pass this off as an alternate gift.

Surprise!  We decorated the kitchen in your honor!  By the way, these are permanent.  Happy Father’s Day, honey!

(But T’s first birthday is also this week, so I can make it work if you think the baby booties are a better idea…)


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