The five signs our family is preparing for a trip

First, props to a friend for inspiring this post by musing about #5 (“outfits” below) while reflecting on a trip she took recently.  It made me think about . . .

The five signs our family is preparing for a trip (we leave tomorrow!)

(#5) Our outfits are crazier than usual (what this means in our house:  ballet tutu + soccer socks = perfect outfit, because I know we won’t need to pack those for the trip)

(#4) Our meals become a little more “exotic” (tonight’s menu: the last of the corn, the last of the sausage, the last of the yogurt, the last of the kiwi, the last of the apple, and of course we can’t let half a red onion go to waste…more sausage-fruit-salsa with yogurt dipping sauce, anyone?)

(#3) My obsession with hand sanitizer reaches a fever pitch (No apologies for this one.  Until you’ve carried a kid with a stomach bug onto a plane or into the third public restroom on this 15 mile stretch of I95, you cannot judge.)

(#2) Everyone is instructed to get in bed early.  (7:00…ok 7:30…ok 8pm…Egads!  Get in bed already!  I need it quiet so I can think and realize that I need [insert essential item we cannot risk forgetting by waiting until morning] out of your closet.  Of course, this will wake you, and the process will start all over again.)

(#1) and the new #1 sign that we are headed out…Mom stops blogging (for a several days, at least); See you next week with updates on T’s birthday, Father’s Day, and lots of fun from our time on the road!


One response to “The five signs our family is preparing for a trip

  1. Have a wonderful time.

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