Smart *and* charming, this guy

More thoughts inspired by our recent road trip:

The Context:

14 hours into a 10 hour trip; still 3 hours from home.  One kid sleeping, one kid wide-awake, and one kid screaming because he is in serious need of a diaper change (what is with the midnight poop, by the way?).  Massive regret that we didn’t stop at our friends’ house three hours back – but all the kids were sleeping then and we (foolishly) thought they would stay that way.  Cue T’s cough and huge (near midnight on a Sunday?!?!) construction delays…

The Decision:

Head to Marriott for an unbudgeted hotel stop.  Talk to the nicest night clerk on the planet.  Experience the thrill of discovering that we have points, and she has rooms.  We’ll take one…at least we’d like to…Maybe my husband can sort some of this out…

The thoughts:

You think your husband is in trouble when…

despite the clerk’s eagerness to help him, her “hands are tied” since the computer/phone reservation system simply cannot use his points to make an immediate booking because “the system won’t let you use points for tonight’s stay if you’re checking in after midnight”.  And no, it doesn’t matter that he is desperate and standing in the lobby with three children at exactly 12:10am  (yes, 10 minutes after the deadline) . . .

You know your husband is smart when…

he realizes that he could use the computer/phone system to make us a points reservation for tomorrow night, if the clerk could use her generous discretion to let us check in very, very early (read: right now, a full day ahead of schedule).  His words: “if it helps, we’ll be checking out a whole day early too…”

and you know your husband is charming when…

She lets him do it!

Reason number one million and two that I married this guy.

(And not a bad reason to give your business to Marriott…)


3 responses to “Smart *and* charming, this guy

  1. You are an amazing mother!! That about says it all – and fun too – just reading what you write makes me smile! ( and brings back memories of your husband! )

  2. Kristi- loving your blog, thanks for the entertainment. You definitely married a quick thinker 🙂

  3. Holy mashed peas and carrots all over my table cloth! Way to go, Dad! I am super impressed.

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