How many wishes can I get out of T’s one little candle?

Written while celebrating T’s birthday on the road: June 16

T has this cool party trick that he learned just in time for his June celebration; whenever you say “Happy Birthday T!” he blows as hard as he can, as if there is a cake and candle in front of him.  Today is his first birthday, and we have been blowing out real and imaginary candles all day.  It makes you wonder what T would wish for if he knew that part of the drill.  Since he is unable to speak at this very young age, I have taken it upon myself to wish some things for him.  So here it goes . . .

T, I wish you health and happiness always.

I wish for you the ability to always love yourself and the assurance that God and your family (including your mama!) will always love you – no matter what.

I wish for you a kind world.

In addition, (forgive me, but I am your mama…) I wish that when you someday choose to leave/expand the happy little bubble that I have tried to create around you, you will be able to create/define your own happy bubble of friends and family (while still engaging with the world in your own real and powerful and fulfilling ways).

Finally, I wish for you to grow as you should (but I must confess my secret wishes that you won’t grow up too quickly, and that even when you are grown, you will still occasionally hug your mama.  But no pressure.)

I love you, T, for everything that you are and for whoever you decide to become!  Thanks for an amazing year!


Your Mom

One response to “How many wishes can I get out of T’s one little candle?

  1. So sweet! Hope he liked the icing, though I imagine he had some helpers to show him how it’s done.

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