The hairy hula

A conversation between Mom, E & S earlier this evening, while all were on the back porch shucking corn:

Mom [holding an unshucked ear]:  “Look at this green present God made for me.  I wonder what’s inside it…”

E & S:   “It’s corn!  It’s corn!”

Mom:   “I don’t know…I’ve unwrapped it now, and it looks like something else…”

[mom makes the corn dance a little, and hums a Hawaiian song…]

E:   “It’s a hula dancer!  Look, it’s a hula dancer!  Look at the green skirt!”

S: [looking skeptical]    “It’s a really hairy hula dancer…”

[thoughtful pause]

S:   “…and I’m not eating it.”

Oh well.  At least we’re feeding her imagination!

Shucking corn

photo included to show you how much it actually looks like a hula dancer! Silly (dare I say "corny") humor is just a bonus... (image & dialogue bubbles from

One response to “The hairy hula

  1. Hilarious! Back to hot dogs for S!

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