Penalty for excessive celebration…(alternate title: T’s first steps!)

Written Monday, June 27:

T took his first steps!  He has been furniture walking for a while, has stood on his own a few times, and today – two steps!

It actually happened at church (walking with God already, that T!).  This week is Vacation Bible School for E&S, and several of us are volunteering in the nursery all week so that the amazing VBS teachers have a place to leave their infants & toddlers while they work.  T is always in the nursery with me, and today he was furniture walking around the big bin of blocks when he let go of the side, raised his arms in my direction, then started walking toward his mama!

I think he would have made it all the way (about 4 steps), except when he saw the happy, surprised look on my face and heard me say, “Good job, T!” he started applauding for himself, lost his balance and fell down.

That’s the penalty for excessive celebration, I guess.  But I am always secretly entertained by the players that just can’t help but pander to the crowd after a touchdown.  And in my book, two steps is a touchdown and certainly worth celebrating.  So from your mama (and the president of your fan club), “Way to go, T!”

5 responses to “Penalty for excessive celebration…(alternate title: T’s first steps!)

  1. Ah! I’m so glad you were there! What a fun moment.

    PS– can you put a brick on all your kids’ heads until we see them again? I’m afraid T’s going to be driving by the time we work up a visit this fall.

  2. …wait. Does this mean that his hands are now free to roam about the cabin as he roams about the room? New stages! Man the Barbie dolls!

  3. How sweet!

  4. Walking with God, indeed! Way to go, T. May these be your first of a lifetime of steps with Him. Love you.

  5. Oh sweet baby boy! First steps in his life – big step in his mom’s!!

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