This mom’s mid-June letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

You owe me one.

OK, in the grand scheme of things, you don’t actually owe me anything.

This is both because you have been far too generous in the past and – hope this confession doesn’t come back to haunt me –  I am not sure I should be on the good list 100% of the time (might be more like 99%, or something…)

But I did do you a favor this week…

My 4 year old E continues her obsession with the 101 Dalmations movie.  This has manifested itself in a variety of ways, including using every dandelion in our yard to blow the same wish.  She picks the flower, holds it in both her hands, closes her eyes, and says, “I wish, I wish, I wish for . . . 101 Dalmation puppies!”  then blows as hard as she can.

Recently, she decided to hedge her bets by stating that in addition to making the live puppies her dandelion wish, she was also going to ask Santa to bring her the dogs.  Yes, Santa, 101 of them please.

No, no, no, Santa.  I had two house plants die this week and am not sure I can keep anything other than the children alive.  So E and I had a talk, and I told her that dandelion wishes, and requests to Santa, are great for all sorts of wonderful things, but only parents can bring live animals into the house.  That means when the Christmas season rolls around, she can write you a letter requesting toys, candy and even a drum set (oh, right…you brought that for S last year…thanks again for that, by the way…)

But it will be me she asks for the 101 Dalmation puppies, which means your status as the King of childhood magic and wonderment will remain intact (just like I want it to…), and I will look like the Christmas morning chump.  No worries there, as I have become a master at distracting the children, and that should be particularly easy on Christmas.  But still, you owe me.

So for Christmas this year, I would like an all-expenses paid vacation to someplace that feels tropical (I’m not picky).  Please don’t forget to include childcare.


The Mom

One response to “This mom’s mid-June letter to Santa

  1. If only she was older and could understand irony, or at least find humor in it. “OH NO! We forgot to ask Santa for REAL puppies. He brought us all these stuffed animals instead!”

    By the way, does this mean I have to return my birthday gift for her? I mean, it should be ok being away from its momma by the time her bday rolls around. I hear UPS ships with airholes.

    And yes, I would consider doing this and making myself the Best Aunt Evaaah!, but then I recall what a wise woman (you) taught me:
    Your (my) children will always be younger, meaning anything you give to my kids, I can hand down to yours.

    Not sure puppies fall into this category, but I’m also not sure I want our new house to be known as the “happy farm puppies go to for fun!”

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