It turns out, they are my children after all…

Everyone says E & T look like their dad, and that S is the only kid that looks like me.

I think it has more to do with hair color than anything else.  E & T are dark brunettes, like my husband.  S has the same light brown/dark blonde hair that I had as a child (and now have again, thanks to Loreal 7BB hair dye, but that’s a story for another blog post).

But I digress . . . I was writing about how even though two of the kids do not look like me, and one of them looks like me only because of my new 7BB addiction, I now have firm proof that they are all my children.

E’s proof of maternity quote: “Dad!  Don’t put that [flimsy, empty, Trader Joe’s plastic ginger cookie] box [that is already warped] in the recycling bin!  Save it!  I might use it for…um…something…um…someday.  Just don’t throw it out!”

Ha!  My daughter!  And my obsession with saving boxes is safe for another generation!

S’ proof of maternity quote: “Dad!  I am NEVER, getting in a pool that cold [read: 80+ degrees] again.”

Ha!  My daughter.  No doubt about it.  Send two margaritas (one virgin – it’s for my 3 year old) over to the jacuzzi ASAP. I have found my spa buddy.

T’s proof of maternity quote:  Well, he doesn’t really talk yet, but I am sure he is going to say “mama” while looking at me any day . . .


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