Happy Birthday, USA!!!

This weekend, E & S wanted to blow bubbles on the porch, and I regretfully told them I thought we were out of bubble goo.  Both girls then reminded me that just recently we had gotten a brand new thing of goo to celebrate a soldier’s return home (a bubbly welcome for a friend who had just completed a tour of duty overseas), and that we still had some left.

They were very proud of themselves for remembering the bubbles (a big deal as a kid, to recall something mom has forgotten!) and said repeatedly as we blew bubbles how lucky we were that they had remembered the goo.  At one point, in the midst of celebrating their own recall, E actually said:

“Aren’t we lucky that [soldier] came back?  Without him there might not have been any bubble goo, and we wouldn’t be dancing in bubbles on our back porch!”

You are wiser than you know, E.  Yes, we are lucky…and blessed…and thankful to everyone who gave us this country (where we can blow our bubbles anytime we want to) and to those who now protect that – and so many other – freedoms.

So thank you, soldier friend, for inspiring and protecting the bubbles; thank you, E & S, for remembering; and…

Happy Birthday, USA!!!

(We’ll be baking you birthday cupcakes to celebrate at your party, and helping you blow out the candles!  Red, white and blue frosting in honor of your day!


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