Wanna’ go for a spin?

Three years ago, my mother-in-law (a fantastic cook) introduced me to a nifty little thing called a “salad spinner”.  Have you ever used one?  It is basically a colander that fits inside a bowl and is covered by a lid with a push-pump.

For the uninitiated, here’s what it looks like:

The salad spinner: a very 'handy' kitchen tool (pun absolutely intended)

If you push the black knob, the internal parts spin and all the water that lingered on your freshly-washed lettuce is now trapped in the bowl.  Viola!  Clean, dry lettuce to serve and enjoy!

At least in theory…

Because yesterday, my daughters discovered a new purpose for the salad spinner.

A brief recap:

Me: “Um, why are Snow White and her horse in the salad spinner?”

S: “Because they were the bad guys today.”

Me: “What?”

S: “E & I were playing dolls, and we decided that those were the bad guys.  And that [pointing to the salad spinner] is where they do their time-outs.”

Me: “Really?”

S: “Yes.  Watch.”

At that point, S put the lid on the spinner (which does make it look like a tiny jail), pushed the pump, and we both watched Snow White and the horse go flying around inside the spinner.  Seriously.  Flying.  I got dizzy just watching them.

According to S, the spinner is quite effective as a discipline method.  Snow White and her horse were both incredibly well-behaved the rest of the day.  It’s food for thought, I guess, as far as discipline strategies go.  But it is definitely not food for eating, since my lettuce is now covered in our toy horse’s hair.


2 responses to “Wanna’ go for a spin?

  1. Now that is one smart baby girl!!! Sure beats the “tricky” apple!

  2. Too bad for our kiddos that I don’t own a salad spinner. They would love putting their toys in there for time out!

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