A Broken Man

Yesterday’s blog (http://wp.me/p1Auii-3j) provided just one example of the ways we “love” our toys in this house.  As a result of our affection, many of our playthings are a little worse for the wear.  Of course, as The Velveteen Rabbit explains so well, it is the toys that get loved the most that end up looking most “shabby” and “loose in the joints”.

Well, in our house full of princesses, you can imagine how much attention is showered upon our toy Prince Charming.  It does not seem to matter that there are numerous bachelors around, including a Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, a regular Ken doll, and (this guy brought his “A” game…) a Ken doll with a convertible car.  Apparently, they are mere men who pale in comparison to the true prince, the one who wooed (according to my daughters) both Cinderella and her friend Snow White.

Prince Charming is a busy man at our house.  In addition to being pursued by every princess doll in the toy bin, he is often called upon to entertain both E & S in a variety of settings:  in their toy castle, at their tea parties, in our kiddie pool, and certainly in the car.

Well, the attention finally broke the Prince.  In case you think I am being figurative, take a look at the following picture:

Prince Charming DSC_0699

His legs are AWOL (seriously…cannot find them), and in his line of work, which involves…

(1) going down on one knee in front of some girl almost daily, and

(2) riding off on his horse,

…having no legs has proven quite a challenging disability.

I realized quickly that this situation called for either another trip to Target (which I was not doing) or some “mommy-magic”.  Here is what I came up with:

Prince Charming Mer-Man DSC_0702

He is now Prince Charming, son of King Triton, the most powerful of all mer-men.  Watch out Prince Eric (I’m going to lose the people without daughters/nieces here, who may not know that Prince Eric’s storyline involves winning the heart of “The Little Mermaid”).  There is a new fish in town.

I was very proud of my efforts, until S picked up the new model and declared that he now “looks like girl!”  I was immediately anxious, until I realized that this thought did not disappoint my children.  Instead, it inspired them, and they spent a very giggly half-hour cross-dressing all of their male dolls.

The bottom line is that all ended well for me (no Target run!) and my girls (both very happy!).  The ending was not so great for Prince Charming (who is receiving far less attention than he is used to) or for Convertible Ken, who might be the most disappointed…

What he thought was his window of opportunity (Prince Charming finally broken!) instead resulted in a fundamental change in his identity.  Take a look.  (My husband snapped the photo with his iPhone between all the girls’ giggles.)

It’s Cross-Dressing (I guess you could still call him “convertible”?) Ken!


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