The dream vs. the reality

The dream: I will spend all morning lying in our backyard, looking at cloud-shapes with my kids and imagining there are elephants! now bunnies!, and now puppy dogs! floating above us in a clear blue sky…

The reality: I will spend two minutes looking at cloud-shapes, then the rest of the morning encouraging a constipated child to poop.  When it finally happens, I will be called over to look at the poop-shapes that have sparked my kids’ imaginations.  “Yes, you’re right.  That one does kind of look like a witch’s finger….and that one is definitely the letter ‘J’…”

I am in serious need of a ladies’ night out.


One response to “The dream vs. the reality

  1. Sounds like you, the wonderful teacher, prayed for a day of shapes learning without being quite specific enough. “I will adhere to the letter of the law if not the spirit…”

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