Public Service Announcement: Free Chick-fil-A Today!

Chick-fil-A is offering a free meal to anyone who comes dressed like a cow today, July 8!  Last year, the kids and I downloaded the “cow costume kit” (, dressed in our black and white clothes and enjoyed an amazing (free!) dinner.

Recalling last year’s success, I must acknowledge a few cow-costumed people:

(1) Credit my husband who, when I called to tell him about the event and asked if we could meet him at the restaurant – and dress him like a cow – responded by simply saying, “I’ll be there.  Moo.”

(2) Credit the friends we ran into at the restaurant, also dressed like cows, for sharing even more bovine finery with us, guaranteeing we would all get the full size free meal.

(3 & 4) Credit the mom of their group, who recognized that a nursing wrap was the ultimate in cow costumes (she – a genius – with her newborn baby, and me – an eager accomplice – with mine).  Also credit the poor male Chick-fil-A employee who appreciated the fact that we had left our babies with their dads at the table and awkwardly acknowledged that we had both earned our meals.

Finally, I would like advance credit for our efforts later today.  Dressed as cows, we will enjoy delicious chicken nuggets, the best sweet tea since my grandma’s, no meal prep and minimal clean-up.  Moo.  Moo.  Moo.  Moo.  Moo.  (That’s one free meal for every member of our five-person family.)

Our herd is on its way, Chick-fil-A!!!


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