Whether we’re dressed as cows in a themed-restaurant, or as princess-puppeteers in our living room…to us, “all the world is a stage!”

The kitchen table was unusually clean yesterday afternoon, since we had avoided lunch dishes by earning our free mid-day meals at Chick-fil-A (see previous post at http://wp.me/p1Auii-3D).  Of course, a clean kitchen table just begs for a nice, messy art project.  So the kids and I decided we should make “paper bag puppets” using some glue and a kit one of the girls had received as a gift.

Everything was going so smoothly that I stepped out of the room for 2 minutes – just to quickly change the laundry.  During that 120 seconds, S managed to

(1) spill a pool of glue on the table

(2) attempt to “clean up” with a dry towel

(3) realize a dry towel would not work

(4) soak the towel in the bathroom sink

(5) drip water all the way back to the kitchen

(6) make a wet pool on the kitchen table, which became a sticky wet puddle when she tried to wipe up the glue

(7) watch the wet glue puddle drip to the floor

(8) notice T’s fascination with the fast-growing floor puddle, and

(9) encourage a (now sticky) T to move away from the puddle (which, of course, meant glue tracks all over the floor).

Seriously?  And I thought I would save time by changing the laundry during a brief lull in the projects…  Oh well.  The kitchen was too clean anyway, since our normal path of luncheon destruction had occurred not at home, but in that marvelous Chick-fil-A.

Anyway, kudos to S for trying to clean-up (the kid is only 3, and despite the disaster, she did go to a tremendous amount of effort without ever calling for mommy).  And – ultimately – the puppets were totally worth it.

Paper bag puppets DSC_0720

Our completed puppets: a lion, a bird, and a “cow” that even Picasso might consider “abstract”

The girls were so excited about them that they wanted to make a stage to put on a puppet show for dad when he got home from work.

Puppet Show "Stage" DSC_0717

To some, an upside-down tent in a laundry basket that is perched on a storage bin. To us, a magnificent stage! (Can you see the lion puppet peeking through?!)

The girls spent at least 20 minutes decorating the venue and setting up chairs backstage (for themselves) and stools out front (for their tiny audience).  They then spent another 20 minutes making sure we were all dressed up for the show.  You can see the royal finery displayed by dad and T as they wait for the puppets:

backs of king dad & prince T DSC_0714

King Dad & Prince T

The show itself lasted 5 minutes, and was quite dramatic, with several parts that involved the puppeteers (dressed like princesses) coming out from behind the stage and jumping around.  Even T got excited during those parts, and he – a master clapper – joined in the applause at the end.

But if you think T was clapping, you should have seen me.  Because as I cheered for my girls (they were adorable), and my boys (what an audience!), I had an idea that was also applause-worthy…

It was now late, the kitchen was still sticky, the kids were happy (but hungry) and the cow-costumes were right where we had left them – in a pile by the door.

Hope that manager meant it when he said we could bring dad (who had to work through lunch) back – in his cow costume – for *free* dinners if we wanted.

Because here we come again Chick-fil-A!!!

(I did at least make the kids get the fruit salad instead of the fries this time…

…so what if that fruit bowl was followed by the kids’ second ice-cream cones of the day!)


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