A closetful of consequence

I am constantly amazed by the topics my children open up for discussion, so don’t ask me why E & S were talking about what life would be like for someone in jail.

Instead, allow me to ask you a question…

Can you guess what my daughters, ages 3 & 4, imagined would be the absolute worst part of being incarcerated?

Quoting E here, as she lowered her voice to inform her wide-eyed little sister:

“S, in jail, they make you wear the same clothes every day”.

Those are my little fashionistas.  (They have much more style than their mother, for certain.)  In their (very young, naive, innocent, inexperienced) world: Loss of freedom? No problem.  Loss of wardrobe?  Surely you jest.

A friend who heard about this conversation jokingly suggested I might translate their angst over the idea of choosing “just one dress” (I didn’t describe the orange jumpsuits, as it would have been overkill…) into a new discipline strategy.

I have to admit; I think I like the idea.  I can imagine myself saying something like, “a poor choice today means the same outfit tomorrow…”


Well-behaved children, less laundry, and no arguments about clothing while I’m trying to get everyone dressed!

There is an Imelda Marcos reference just begging to be included in this thought…(I’m sure she was denied access to her 2000+ sparkly shoes while in jail, wasn’t she?  That would make an impression on both of my daughters…), but I don’t have time to process the reference completely.

Instead, I have to do more laundry and help both girls pick out their clothes for tomorrow, because as much as I like the idea, I don’t think I’d have the heart to lock the closet that holds their (relatively simple, but much-loved, girly-girl) outfits.

But ask me again at 8am in the morning, when the day is just beginning and I am already exhausted because I have just spent an hour trying to get everyone dressed.


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