Dance recital! (& a neglected “note to self”)

E & S had their first dance recital yesterday!  They – and their ballerina friends – were all adorable and amazing, and everyone had a fabulous time.

With kids this young (the 3-5 year old class), they do the rehearsal immediately before the recital.  This gives the tiny dancers a fighting chance at remembering which way they should twirl at any given moment.  It also gave proud parents two chances to film the festivities.  I must say, we are very happy that my husband decided to hold – and use – the video camera during the rehearsal, because during the actual recital he was holding S.

I guess we hyped her recital so much that she wanted to see it!

Or maybe she just wanted to snuggle her dad, who had made a special effort to be there.  How cute is that?

While S warmed her daddy’s heart, E charmed us all with her twirls and a rendition of the chicken-dance that involved hula hoops.  Simply fantastic.

Such an event can only be improved by an impressive after-party, which we achieved by traveling to the Wendy’s across the street with another ballerina’s family to order junior frosties en-mass.

Even T got a frosty; he earned it after 6 weeks of being awakened during every Monday nap to accompany his sisters to ballet lessons.  So much for sleepy summer days, T!  Oh well, this kid wakes me up enough at night that he deserves at least a little payback, and if you had seen him eating the frosty, you would know that for T, all-is-well-that-ends-well.

Before I conclude, I must insert a ballet-related “note to self” that I wrote two weeks ago but neglected to post:



Note to self:

If a child seems to be falling more than usual during ballet class, do not assume she is simply the unlucky one who has inherited your “natural grace” and “impressive balance” (the quotes imply sarcasm).

Instead recall that today is the day she put on her own tutu, with no assistance from mommy (!).  This likely means that both of her legs are in the same leg-hole of the tutu, making it difficult to stand, walk or dance.


Returning to the recital blog…

I would like to thank you for inviting us to your dance recital, E & S!  We’re thrilled you enjoyed your summer ballet class.  May you always dance through life just as you danced through the recital:  happily and with the knowledge that if you need a break or a just a snuggle, you can come to your parents for hugs anytime.



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