The Binky Bandit

The binky bandit is back, but with a new mode of operation.

The original bandit:

Last spotted: 2008

Known alias: E

Mode of Operation: The bandit would take the binky from unsuspecting, newborn siblings, in spite of the fact that (1) E had her own binky and (2) the binky clip that attached the binky to the newborn victim clearly foiled any effective getaway plan

Can you see the binky clip? The "it wasn't me" defense isn't really going to work here...The "I thought it was mine" defense is probably out too...

The new bandit (same moniker, brand new M.O.):

Last spotted: leaving the scene of a crime

Suspected alias: T

Mode of Operation: Stealth crawling & wobbly walking with intent to wreak havoc by unpacking drawers and cabinets, knocking down towers built by E & S, and unwinding every roll of toilet paper in the house.  Has earned the esteemed “Binky Bandit” title because he leaves a criminal calling card at the scene of almost every destructive activity.  See recent photos below…


The Binky Bandit has clearly been here...note the trademark yellow binky (you should see what the room looks like when we forget to close the toilet lid...)


He strikes again! Can you see the yellow binky inside the drawer? This is one of many reasons I don't bother folding towels...

You’re a wanted man, bandit.  That binky clip is what finally exposed your sister, and I can already tell that trail of binkies is going to lead us right to you…


2 responses to “The Binky Bandit

  1. I don’t know what I’m more impressed by:

    1) T’s clear disregard for authority. “Yeah, that’s my binky. What.” Stick it to the man, T!


    2) The fact that you can still sneak a blog in before leaving for a road trip.

    tres impressive.

  2. Ha! All your posts leave me chuckling outloud. That’s pretty hilarious that he leaves such clear evidence behind. Originally I thought you were going to say that E is taking the binkies again, because all the big kids at our house are stealing Lucy’s binkies left and right:) Hope you have a great trip and live to write about it!

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