On the road again…

We leave tomorrow on our second big road trip of the summer.  This time, Nana is coming with us for most of the trip!

I will be out of touch for almost a week, which should give you time to mull over the following question:

– Soon, Nana will be in the car with me, my husband and our three young children for a five hundred mile roadtrip to up-state New York (only a one way roadtrip for Nana, as she is very popular and is flying to visit others from there…)

– In the fall, Nana will be with her grown-up friends for a three week, fifteen-thousand mile, roundtrip, visit to China.

Which trip do you think will feel longer?


We all know the answer…

Glad you love our brand of chaos, Nana!  We’re going to have tons of fun!


One response to “On the road again…

  1. Ha! I think it depends on whether she can smuggle any of those tiny rum bottles into the diaper bag. 🙂

    The real question is which music selection is likely to drive her crazy faster: Classical/Elevator or Sassy Susie’s Sweet Singalong, Part 2!

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