We’re back! Ready for another road trip recap?

Road trip recap!!!  Another episode of shout-outs and boo-hiss…are you ready?

Shout outs:

–       to everyone involved with planning a wonderful wedding weekend (especially the bride and groom!)

–       to Nana (the ultimate road-trip companion!  Nana let us drive her car, showered us with fun surprises, entertained us during the 700+ miles to up-state NY, watched the kids during the wedding, took them to Friendly’s for ice-cream during the reception (“The ice-cream had a face!  The cone was the hat!”), woke with T at 6am every day of the trip, and insisted – with a straight face – that she would miss us as she boarded her flight out)

–       to Grammy (ever-wonderful with her toys for the kids and her attention to our crew…we arrived to find our mini-fridge stocked with whole milk for the kids and wine for us…how awesome is that?!?)

–       to Grandpa (who went with us to see Niagara Falls the morning of the wedding and gave the kids a quick tennis lesson between the wedding and the reception… again, how awesome is that?)

–       to the rest of the family (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) for making the trip – so fun to catch up with everyone and to meet our new baby cousin V!

–       to Pizzeria UNO, for letting the kids make their own pizzas, letting them go in the kitchen to see them being put into the oven, and giving them “chef” certificates that entitled us to two free make-your-own pizza meals, which we cashed in on the return trip)

–       to the kids, who were absolute champs…I love this age, where they are excited about everything, whether it’s making jewelry in the car, playing duck-duck-goose at the rest-area, or admiring the poop that that big bird just dropped on our window (and no…it doesn’t matter if it is right in the driver’s sight-line and you are out of windshield-washer fluid.  T’s asleep and the girls are happy, so enjoy the poop-filled view, driver-dad!)

–       to my husband, who has now spent both Father’s Day, and our anniversary, in the car.  On this outing he: made a mix of the kids’ favorite songs, drove the whole trip (squinting through poop for 100+ miles), danced with his wife at the reception whenever she asked (ok…he skipped “It’s Raining Men”, but we’re going to give him a pass on that one…), delayed departures so we could take over a hotel hot-tub at 8am (looks like a kiddie pool…not in fact a kiddie pool), delayed arrivals so we could pick dandelions at rest-areas and (in an impressive display of self-control) managed to keep his one comment about the length of our car-ride at a volume only I could hear.  (E, after using 20 dandelions to wish for her usual set of 101 Dalmations, used one to happily “wish this day would last forever…”  My husband, a smile on hour 9 of the day’s drive, and under his breath responds:  “Wish granted, E”

–       and to Marriott, who again let us stay using points and must be awarded the prize of “hotel with the most fantastic door hangers ever”.  They say, “I need some ‘me time’.  Please do not disturb.”  (Love it!) I put one on the back of my headrest for the entire return trip, but it didn’t work.  Maybe once the kids can read…

and Boo Hiss:

–       to the lady who gave us the finger after nearly hitting us on the interstate.  Our horn, and your subsequent swerve, are the only things that prevented a massive accident.   Please control your vehicle, and yourself.  We have three precious and impressionable children in the car.

–       To the empty construction sites…twice we sat in 5mph traffic for over an hour (T’s entire nap!) only to finally merge into the right lane where we could see the left lane – cut off by 100 cones to protect work on that side of the median…not the road – completely devoid of workers in the middle of a regular work day.  Seriously?  Couldn’t send in one guy to move the cones?

–       to any waitress who responds to a toddler’s spilled chocolate milk with anything other than an offer to refill the glass…

–       To the toddler moment that grabbed an otherwise sweet little girl at the hotel pool and made her tell S to “Stop Talking!”  . . . Kudos to S for insisting: “Girls can talk anytime they want!  I can talk anytime I want!” right to the child’s face (before turning and collapsing into tears into dad’s shoulder).  Kudos to the toddler’s mom for removing the child when she refused to apologize, despite the fact that ours were “the first kids she’s met since we relocated into this hotel a month ago from 7 states away”.  And Kudos to my husband for NOT losing it when an important call 24 hours later prompted us to ask all the kids for quiet in the car, to which S (now fully primed) responded (again, and at full volume) “Girls can talk anytime they want!  I can talk anytime I want!”      Heaven help us.

–       And to the hotel room’s previous patron who left the alarm set for 5am.  Thank goodness we caught it before falling asleep, as T would never have gone back to bed…

But again, never wanting to end on a sour note, I’ll emphasize that we had an amazing trip, enjoyed a wonderful wedding, and reconnected with so many good folks!  Lots more highlights to share, so look for upcoming posts on Niagara Falls, a “note to self” (travel version) and how the 101 Dalmations toy that Grammy gave to E did with the transition from Grammy’s (presumably peaceful) car to our car full of chaos!

‘til then!


3 responses to “We’re back! Ready for another road trip recap?

  1. I LOVE that E wanted the day to last forever (what a compliment!), and that S finally learned to speak up for herself. We were worried about that one being a total pushover. 😉 Ha! Love you guys!

  2. “It’s Raining Men” is one of my all time favorites. I can’t imagine why your husband wouldn’t want to dance to that!

  3. Yes, no one is worried about S!!!

    And my husband also skipped “I Will Survive”. I am seriously beginning to question his musical taste ; )

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