You would think raising 99 puppies would have prepared her…

You may recall E’s obsession with the 101 Dalmations movie.  Grammy is aware of this obsession and delighted E by giving her a Dalmation beanie baby (the “mommy” dog, named Perdita) during the family wedding weekend.

This transfer of ownership meant that Perdita rode to the wedding with Grammy (and likely enjoyed peace, sparkling conversation between Grammy and Grandpa, and something soothing on the radio) and away from the wedding with us (general chaos, conversational craziness, and something that appeals to rambunctious children on the radio).

Anyone curious as to how Perdita is adjusting?

Well, this is what we found when we went to help E crawl out of her carseat at our first stop.


E has no idea how this appeared to our adult eyes, as in her wonderful imagination, she was simply watching Perdita play with the new leash and collar fashioned out of our jewelry making kit.

But it seemed to both me and my husband that Perdita had become quite suicidal. It also seemed to us to reveal something about the level of chaos we achieve on roadtrips.

I mean, at the end of her movie (during which she births 15 puppies, adopts 84 more and helps them all escape on foot from the evil Cruella deVille), Perdita is still dancing.  Three hours into our 12+ hour roadtrip, she has fashioned a noose!

Ask me again when we’re getting a real dog.

My answer:  Maybe sometime after we take the toy ones off suicide watch…

I promise you will learn to love us, Perdita!  We certainly love you!


3 responses to “You would think raising 99 puppies would have prepared her…

  1. HA! Yessss. I love how creative your kiddos are, but how it’s literally all good. E would never imagine that she’d be hurting the puppy (assuming, of course, the puppy was a real dog).

    Tell E that Uncle B wants a dog and Nana J has (seriously) always wanted a dalmation. There’s a time-share pup in there somewhere!

  2. I love it!
    My nephew is also a big 101 D fan, and he tells me all the time that he wants my dog to learn to shake (as in, shake hands) like Pongo.

  3. I love that after seeing that photo, you are even considering the idea of sharing a pup with us! And my kids don’t even know that some real-life dogs do tricks. If they find out we could teach a dog to shake like Pongo, the request for a puppy will reach an even more feverish pitch!

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