Note to self (re: cookie dough buckets)

If a child has the stomach flu, do not give her the clean, empty, gallon-size, cookie dough container from Sam’s as the “emergency” bucket.

While it will do the job, and its disposable nature makes for incredibly easy clean-up, during almost every post-illness attempt to make cookies (even six months later, and certainly in front of company) her sibling will see you pull a new bucket of dough out of the fridge and ask, “is that the cookie dough bucket [my sister] threw up in?”

Fresh baked cookies, anyone?  How about a scoop of raw dough?

(And yes, for those who are wondering, we do buy cookie dough by the gallon.  The price is a steal! You can freeze the batter!  And company used to – emphasis on the past tense of that phrasing – used to enjoy eating cookies at our house!)


One response to “Note to self (re: cookie dough buckets)

  1. Please, no one in our family has EVER tested to see if that gallon-size container of dough is freezable. For the record, my best time for consuming an entire bucket (with Michelle to help), was seven days.

    Seven days. Remember that the next time you feel guilty about having another scoop.

    Oh! And don’t forget T’s fabulous comment when he saw my honkin’ scoop of cookie dough when I said I was going to go get a spoonful from the kitchen. “A, I have to tell you, that’s not the spoonful I was expecting.” Perhaps it’s because i used a serving spoon… I think he followed up with something entirely appropriate, and often-said by my own husband when I do something weird (or slightly gross to them– cookie dough haters!), “It’s a good thing you’re cute.”

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