Mom tip of the day… “wine-tote” turned “sippy-cup-carrier”

A tip I have been meaning to post for a while, but had forgotten to write about until today when Nana, Uncle T, Aunt B and I took 6 kids to both the science museum and to an awesome early birthday dinner (with singing waiters and candles and sprinkles) for E (more birthday details soon!)…

The tip (presented as a set of easy-to-follow instructions)

(1)  Head to Whole Foods.

(2)  Buy 6 bottles of their $3 wine and get (a) a 10% “bulk” discount and (b) a free, divided wine tote to carry your bottles home.

(3)  Drive home.

(4)  Unpack the wine.

(5)  Use the empty tote to carry sippy cups!  The cups don’t fall over and leak in your bag, because the bag is designed to hold them upright.  Also, the straps are sturdy enough to hold the weight of multiple water bottles (I have some canvas bags that strain to do this, but these bags are specifically designed to hold big bottles of liquid.)

(6)  Bonus: If you don’t need space for six cups, the empty compartments are perfect for holding sunscreen and snacks (especially if you pack your snacks in those infant “puff” containers that are cylinder shaped).

(7) The Real Bonus: You now have six bottle of wine to drink.  Thanks to your handy tote, the kids have been hydrating all day.  Now it’s your turn.  Enjoy.

And a final note: Our day at the museum was fantastic (picture enthralled kids eating ice cream made with liquid nitrogen) and E loved her special dinner.  I was reminded of this mom-tip because we had six kids with us – a perfect number for our wine tote – not because we needed six bottles of wine after our trip.

(OK, the real final note:  During the time between the museum and the special dinner, our cousins rested while Nana and I took my 3 kids to the pool for E’s neighborhood Kindergarten meet & greet.  After 30 minutes on the pool deck getting everyone into suits and floaties, applying sunscreen, and convincing T to put on a swim diaper and sit in his boat (ably steered by captain Nana), everyone was in the pool except for me.  That is precisely the moment when another kid had an “incident” (i.e. puked in the water) that required the staff to close the pool.  I am still not sure which is worse: being one of the people in the water when this happens (what’s up, Nana!  Watch out for that oily patch moving toward you…), or being the only one who spent the entire trip on the blazing hot (100+ degrees) pool deck getting kids dressed for the water (hello hot 30 minutes) and then (30 more minutes!) getting them dressed to go home. For those not keeping track, that is a solid hour of heat with a small side of vomit.)

A cool glass/bottle/6 bottles of chardonnay, anyone?

Or how about 12 bottles?  I think I could use another wine tote…


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