Let the bidding begin! (Do I hear $10,000…)

Today, S told me that the magic wand she made at princess dance camp has sleep-inducing powers.

In her words (in the car, on the way home from an adorable recital…):

“I waved my wand at T (who was, at the time, strapped in his carseat) and right then, he fell asleep!”

It is not surprising that S chose to manufacture a wand with this particular power, since many fairy tales involve something magical that makes people drowsy (think Snow White’s apple and Sleeping Beauty’s spindle, but note that our magical wand is only used for good purposes…)

What is surprising is that after years of trying to sleep-train three children, I am now in possession of the one thing that all parents seek.

Still, because I am a generous person…

…and because the only thing we need more than a good night’s rest is a trip to Fiji by way of Disneyworld…

…and because when I showed the wand to my husband at our post-camp celebration, he (jokingly, but still…) used it to give himself a nap instead of pointing it at the children…

I am hereby making an announcement…

After verifying during afternoon quiet time today that the wand actually works, I am going to open up an auction with a starting bid of $100 and a “Buy It Now” option of $10,000.

Sleep-deprived parents, check your bank statements, talk to your loan officers, and consider carefully the following question:

How much would you pay for wand that – anytime, day or night, on planes and car trips, during important phone calls, and at 5:30am every morning – could induce your children to peacefully sleep?!


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