Somebody’s in trouble, but is it us or the kids?!

Today, while I was hiding something from my children in a closet, I found an entire tin of cookies they were hiding from me.

Where on earth have they learned such appalling behavior?!  Hiding things in a closet?!

Oh, right…

Anyway, the kids were busted, but the image of them crouched in a dark closet quietly and happily eating gingersnaps was just too precious, so I picked up the tin of cookies, spun around and displayed a very animated shocked look on my face.  They absolutely squealed with delight at my discovery, and defended themselves in two quite impressive ways.

S: “I need them close to my room because when I wake up, I am SO hungry.”

There is no shock there.  This is the kid that while in utero demanded mommy (to avoid projectile vomiting every morning) eat a granola bar before sitting up in bed.

But E, recognizing that mommy was appeased by this logic (I never claimed to be mother-of-the-year here…), targeted dad with her defenses.

“Nana put these in the kitchen!  We saw her packing and thought she might pack the cookies!  Daddy loves them!  We hid them for dad!”

It wouldn’t have been so funny except that – and this is absolutely true – my husband was searching all over the kitchen for those cookies after Nana left yesterday.  I know he is secretly thrilled that they are not gone, only stashed.

The truth is, they nailed both of us, with arguments absolutely made up and tailored to our weak points: my ridiculous need to eat within minutes of waking (I can’t deny it!) and my husband’s love of the Trader Joe’s ginger snaps (you must know that the hiding had absolutely nothing to do with Nana, who at last count has brought approximately one billion cookies – all extremely welcome! – into the house and taken zero out).

We are in so much trouble when these girls are teenagers…

In fact, given that  – at the ages of 3 and 5 – they have already located a spot that I was planning to hide things, I am probably in trouble right now.


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