Math (1+1 = fun!) and Mondays

This weekend:

one visit from amazing Nana + one Winnie-the-Pooh movie + one back-to-school shopping trip (tax free weekend!) + one kid-friendly church potluck + one trip to the neighborhood swimming pool + one special church service (handbells! though our kids were a little too wiggly to make it that far into the program) + one picnic and playdate at a waterslide pool (!) + one first (of many, we hope) “family Sunday dinners” with our aunt, uncle and three cousins since they moved in-state (Welcome! We are so glad you’re here!) = as much fun as you can pack into a spectacularly wonderful weekend

It also equals our eager kids asking (as soon as they woke up this morning),  “and what are we doing today?!?!?!”


I feel it is important to teach kids about Mondays very, very early in life.

(Though, as they all ride on the sheets – laughing – as I drag our laundry across the floor from the bedroom to the washing machine, I do wonder if they are actually getting the lesson…)


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