cork board-$8 ; inspiration-priceless (alternate title: the princesses’ new fall line)

My husband and I each had a cork board from our pre-marriage days.  We recently added two more to our collection (for a total of $8, since we had a coupon for one and found the other one used for a dollar).

This brings us to a grand total of 4 cork boards in the house: one in the playroom (covered in fun notes from pre-school teachers and lots of kid artwork), and one for each of the kids to use however they want.

The girls absolutely lit up when we hung the boards in their rooms.  S has used hers as a canvas for collecting.  She wants her favorite pictures, stories, etc. displayed there.  (I am not posting pictures since our names and her personal things are all over it, but it is awesome.)

E has used hers to launch a new line of clothing for princesses.  In case you think I am kidding, check out the work she did in ONE afternoon.

The big picture:


The Big Picture

And some of the detail…

Here the princesses are, in their traditional outfits.


from left to right we have (1) an "extra" from Beauty & the Beast (one of Gaston's blond girls), then (2) Snow White, (3) Mulan, (4) Jasmine and (5) Cinderella

and here are some items from E’s new princess line:


Top row: swimwear... Middle row: dresses & shoes... Bottom row: something to impress a sultan (target audience: Princess Jasmine); you also can see Princess Belle on the far right

The items below come with hangers.


designed with your comfort, your closet (and apparently your staircase) in mind

Here you see that hats (designed to look like miniature princesses…how creative is that?) are coming back in style.


If only these had been here in time for the recent royal wedding! Also appropriate if you are headed to the Kentucky Derby this year...

The new line has a bridal section.


Note how the bridal style is displayed in this theme drawing, complete with flower girls, a wedding cake, and mood candle-lighting

Also things to just wear around the castle.


Note that this castle has curtains (perhaps the line is expanding to include home furnishings) and a smiley face door

In case you think E stopped there – at the design stage – check her out turning the sketches into reality:


Yes, this is E dressed like "Jessie the Cowgirl" and tying ribbons onto a dress for Cinderella (if you know the movie, you will recognize the ribbon and pose). Please note that the ensemble includes two sparkly shoes. Brilliant strategy, selling shoes and dresses together and then targeting the girl who is eternally losing one shoe and marrying a wealthy prince. E is going to make a fortune.

And in case you think she is satisfied with having simply created the outfits, know that she then turned her attention to marketing them.  Here is an image of her wares, as they are advertised on the sidewalk outside.


Marketing at its finest... (by the way, that is T at the top of the photo. He is carrying the camera case as I snap photos of the new fall line. I am sharing that detail because if my husband were here right now, he would want me to make sure everyone knew that his son does not carry a man-purse. Though who is to say what we might all be carrying once E introduces more accessories into her new line.

Please note, these clothes are moving fast (there is already a queue of pictures waiting for their turn on the cork board).  That means supplies are limited!

What knows no limits is the kids’ creativity.

Where I saw a corkboard, E saw possibility, and a whole new fall line!


3 responses to “cork board-$8 ; inspiration-priceless (alternate title: the princesses’ new fall line)

  1. No kidding, I am seriously impressed!

  2. Can she dress me?!! I love her style!

  3. Amazing! Well, we know where the creative genes from the family went for sure. A fashion designer in the making. PS– Dressed as Jessie? ADORABLE! And that’s my first glimpse of T on the go– amazing. Miss you guys!

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