Clean up at register two

* Relevant reminder for those reading this post: E is five years old.  S is three.

The following is an excerpt from today’s conversation between a grocery store clerk and my daughters:


Clerk to both of them: “Thank you for loading some of the groceries onto the counter!  Would you like some stickers?”

E & S (super excited): “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  We love stickers!”

Clerk to both of them: “Great!”

Clerk to E: “And how old are you?!”

E: “Five!”

Clerk: “That means you get five stickers!”

E: “Thank you!  Thank you!  Look mom!  She gave me five stickers because I am five!”

Clerk to S: “And how old are you?!”


Pause button.

Please tell me I am not the only one who knows where this conversation is headed, and that it is going to be a disaster for S, the three year old daughter.

I cannot report what would have been said next, because I interjected and told the clerk that she would make my day infinitely better if she could please (please!) give the girls – though different ages – the same number of stickers.

She gave me a puzzled look and handed S five.


Focusing on the positive, I am going to use this post to thank all the random people out there who trust parents (even when you clearly think we are crazy) and jump through hoops to help us with our children (even when it means we take more than our share of your sticker supply).

(But if I can digress for a moment… I promise that we do not have sticker-greed.  We would have been happy with one each, or with none for anybody, but it is awfully hard to make a big deal out of the fact that you are giving one child three and another child five… Still, I have decide to spare you my “what is up with that clerk’s sticker policy?” rant altogether… You’re welcome.)

Instead, we are going to enjoy playing with our new stickers!  And we’re going to celebrate a successful clean up at register two.


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