Note to self (re: beach vacations)

When discussing our upcoming vacation with the children (we can’t wait!), refer to it as “a trip to a beach”, not “a trip to the beach”.

Otherwise, your 5 year old daughter will assume that her two close friends – who are also going to “the beach” this weekend – will be there to fly kites and build sand castles with us.  This could mean a half-hour conversation about how we’re going to all going to have a great time!  Just at different places…

Of course, while attempting to correct the misunderstanding, I managed to convince E that everyone would be scattered on different beaches around the globe.  This was devastating, as she had been so looking forward to being at “the beach” with Grammy and Grandpa.

Egads. Can we start all conversations about this beach vacation over?  Where’s the reset button?

Deep breath.

We are going to a beach with Grammy and Grandpa.  Your two friends are each going to their own, different beaches (i.e. not with us and not with each other).  We will not see them at “our” beach, but we will see them when we get back home.  Once at home, we will tell them all about the sand castles you built at a beach with Grammy and Grandpa.  (This, finally, made E smile.)

Whew.  I need a vacation . . .

Oh, right!  I’m getting one!

(That means a break from blogging for a week or so, but I’ll be online again when we get home!)


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