Mom tip of the day (re: Class Lists)

We just returned home from our beach vacation (details coming soon!), but had to pause our unpacking for one quick, time-sensitive post.  Credit to a mom friend for sharing this tip at yesterday’s neighborhood back-to-school social.  (Can you believe E starts Kindergarten on Friday?!)

Class lists are posted today, so we’ll find out who E will have as her teacher and who her classmates will be.  I know this will be a bigger deal in future years (when we actually know all the teachers and she is more attached to specific friends at school), but even now we are hopeful that her class list will have at least a few familiar names (i.e. kids we have met at summer school socials, etc.)

Anyway, the lists are posted on the school doors at 3pm, and apparently it is a mob scene. We won’t go right at 3, but have been advised that whenever we go we should take a camera, snap a quick picture of the list, then have it for reference once we get home.

The lists are not posted online, and having a photo copy sure beats copying it down by hand or meeting someone tomorrow (at our final summer school social) and not being able to remember if they’re in E’s class or not.   And I would never have thought to take a camera to snap a photo of the list if the mom-friend hadn’t shared the idea.  (She has an older child and says many parents do this every year.  Who knew?)

Keep E in your prayers this week.  She has a big transition coming up.  (As do her siblings and mama, who are really going to miss her during the schoolday!)

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