E’s first day of Kindergarten!

This is a picture of E headed into her very first day of Kindergarten.


In her mama’s opinion, E looks very tiny (tiny!) in this picture.

Maybe it is that everything around her looks big – her school, her backpack, her big strong daddy, her very long shadow, or maybe it’s the fact that she is still her mama’s baby (at least in her mama’s mind!), but she looks so tiny!

I love that she is holding her daddy’s hand.  After I snapped this photo, I put the camera away for the day, offered her my hand too, and we all walked into the building together.

It is a walk I already treasure, because I know that within a matter of days, she will be comfortable going in on her own and won’t ask to hold our hands.

Even today, it took her all of 2 seconds inside the classroom to let go of our hands and begin the Kindergarten routine: greeting her teachers, putting her backpack and lunchbox in her new cubby and taking her seat on the mat.  Her dad and I watched her with some degree of awe.  Where was the initial shyness we had anticipated?  How did E – so tiny in the parking lot – suddenly look so amazingly big?!

But there she was!  (In her dad’s words, “looking around like she owns the place”…)

And although I am sad when I think about how much we will miss her during the schoolday, it was impossible to be anything but happy when watching the uber-excited, ultra-happy E.

In fact, I have to say that the only thing sweeter than seeing E admiring her new surroundings from her spot on the mat…

…was seeing her daddy admire E from his perch on a tiny (tiny!) Kindergarten chair.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love this guy and all our children?!

Congratulations and good luck this year, E!


One response to “E’s first day of Kindergarten!

  1. Touched my heart, and brought a tear, and a smile – funny how life is so often like that. ( I’m betting mom had the same reaction! )

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