Maybe I am the natural disaster…

As you may know, on Tuesday we felt the earthquake that measured 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Please tell me I am not the only mom who thought the house was shaking because the kids were playing during their “quiet time” upstairs.  (The term “quiet time” is kind of a misnomer in our house.  It really means, “no one is supposed to ask mom for anything for the next 45 minutes”.)

Anyway, a play-by-play of our reaction to the earthquake…

Mom’s first reaction: an under-reaction:

“What are y’all doing up there?!”

Mom’s second reaction, an over-reaction:

“Get in the bath-tub!”

(I actually gave the kids each a cookie to keep them in there in case the big one was coming…)

Mom’s third reaction, a ridiculed reaction, was calling dad, who ratted me out to his colleagues by relaying what he heard E saying in the background:

“Dad!  Can we please get out of the bathtub now?!”

Whatever.  That is emergency preparedness, mom-style.

To defend my actions, I actually went online to prove that the bathroom was the safest place to be during an earthquake, but it turns out that you are supposed to go to a bathtub during a tornado (assuming you have no basement, and your bathroom is window-free).  If there is an earthquake, the recommendation is that you hide under a sturdy table or run into an open field (hmmm…like the one right outside our house…).  The only reference to “bathtubs during earthquakes” that I uncovered during my research (ahem, google search) is the recommendation that you plug your bathtub to prevent sewage backup, which I did not do.

This essentially means that if there were a much larger earthquake, in addition to surviving the seismic event, my children will have to survive a mom that puts them in the one place in the house that may become filled with raw sewage and tells them to eat cookies.  Awesome.

You would think, with the number of minor daily disasters we survive, we would be more prepared for the big ones.

Oh well!  We do have a chance to redeem ourselves.  Apparently a hurricane is on its way…



2 responses to “Maybe I am the natural disaster…

  1. This is hilarious. After the quake, a friend of mine reassured her husband that she and the kids were fine…and were hanging out safely in the basement. Good thought, wrong disaster.

  2. So I am not the only one! I don’t know if that is reassuring or scary!

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