Is it possible?

Yesterday, while E was at Kindergarten… S wanted to play blocks.

During this activity, S cried for over half an hour because mommy doesn’t build the “rolling block baby stroller” (don’t ask; I was as puzzled as you are…) the way that E builds it.

While S cried, mommy built approximately 45 versions of what she thought a rolling block baby stroller might look like.  S deemed version 45 “kind of ok” and the tears (and the activity) stopped.

Yesterday, when E came home from Kindergarten…

E cried because S told her how much fun we had building rolling block baby strollers while she was at school.

I have two questions for you. 

The first is…


The second is…

It is possible to simultaneously treasure every day and be absolutely desperate for the weekend to get here?

I’m developing a better school-day plan, but need a couple days off to regroup!


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