If there is a “me” in a parallel universe…

It occurred to me today, as my kids were headed to church in our (very) wrinkly clothes that if there is a “me” that exists somewhere in an alternate, parallel universe, she is doing an inordinate amount of ironing.

I feel very sorry for her.

(And please don’t feel sorry for my wrinkly church-clothed children.  They have had an awesome time hosting family – Aunt B, Uncle T and 3 cousins! – in a weekend that has included a college football game, playdo, blocks, dress-up, stories, movies, books, duck-feeding, ice-cream cones (in a place with a view, rocking chairs, and a field big enough to play duck-duck-goose), and lots of time on the back porch.  So what if we’re all a little… I mean a lot… I mean, ridiculously, wrinkly?!

– Number one: I don’t ever iron (see this previous blog post at http://wp.me/p1Auii-V), and

– Number two: With all that fun going on, it’s a miracle we managed to make sure all the kids had a (relatively) clean change of clothes!)


One response to “If there is a “me” in a parallel universe…

  1. Well, the dresses looked smashing on the girls, so no need to iron anyway! We enjoyed the great times too. So glad you spent the weekend playing with/entertaining us instead of ironing!

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