My life in photos (alternate title: “stoolagmite”)

I snapped this photo last Friday.


The coat rack is too high for the kids to reach, so I can only imagine that my husband helped the girls after they explained that a King had come for tea and needed to hang up his robe.

I love that my house so often looks this way.  The aftermath of imagination is everywhere. (I mean, we have at least one pretend princess visitor a day…)

But I don’t want to paint an unbalanced picture, so let me show you another picture I snapped in the kitchen the same day.   It is the image I saw when I opened the drawer under our oven…

I don't know what this is, but I am calling it a "stoolagmite", and unfortunately it is in my kitchen. To fully caption the photo: far left is the tan hardwood floor, centered is white upper edge of our oven drawer, and far right is our cookie sheet inside the drawer (By the way, I do clean the cookie sheet, but it still has those reddish stains on it. What is up with those? Oh well, at least no one will focus on them if a stoolagmite is also in the drawer...)

Um, seriously, what is that?

In our house, possible explanations include: poop, dinner drippings, old playdo, or a petrified mouse…

We’re going to go with “dinner drippings” on this one…

(though “stoolagmite” might be more accurate…my goodness, I hope not…)

I was so disgusted, I had to immediately close the drawer.

(I’m kidding…I poked it with a fork and when it didn’t try to bite me, I cleaned it off.  I took a picture of it so that the doctors would have something to go on if I later developed an unusual disease.)

Maybe we need to have the kings that visit bring some of their staff: a courtly chef, a royal exterminator, a princely pooper-scooper, seriously… something

It is the least they can do since I am tending to their tea and my husband is hanging their robe.


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