S’ first day in the 3’s at preschool! (also our first tornado tea party…)

I love every part of S.

That truth applies to all my children (“love you through and through” too, E & T!), but today, I am mentioning S specifically because it’s her big day.

Today, S had her first day of preschool in the big “three’s” class, and each student was asked to bring a parent along.

As I escorted her to – and through – her assigned hour to “meet the teacher”, I was able to see almost every side of S.

First, at home, the sleepy S…who I actually had to wake to go to preschool (this never happens…the kid was exhausted from our uber-fun weekend).

The smiling S when I reminded her it was her first day of school.

The twirling S when she put on her “Hello Kitty” dress (we do love that dress!) and her Dora shoes.

The startled S! when I accidentally knocked my glass off the kitchen counter (Smash!!! Oops…) on our way out the door.

The talkative S, regaling me with facts about turkey vultures (!) all the way to school in the car (why?  what do your kids talk about?).

The curious and worried S…as we passed an accident on the road (between that and the glass, it was already quite a morning!)

The playful S,  as she greeted a close friend and had a quick pre-preschool playdate in the church nursery.  (Fun for everyone, and part of a first-day-of-school childcare swap that allowed everyone to attend their “first day” sessions without siblings.  Later, another friend’s mom – thank you! – helped me by watching T.  Have I mentioned how blessed and lucky I am to have these friends?)

The eager S, who as the playdate ended and her “first day” session was starting kept saying, “Mom!  I want to go!  When is it my turn?”

The confident S, as she showed me that she could find her own name on her cubby and hang up her backpack.

The shy S, as she lowered her head and reached for my hand when the teacher said hello, and then again when a new friend asked her name.

The engaged S when she remembered this room had a doll house.

The anxious S, when – 30 minutes into our hour – a tornado alarm sounded and we had to go find T and evacuate the school wing in favor of the basement.

The tired S, as she grew weary of standing (really too many people to sit without tripping somebody), then went with me to a different (equally safe) room where there were chairs.

The thrilled S, as daddy surprised her with a visit to preschool (and was surprised to discover that instead of being in class, we were in the midst of a tornado exercise… “this is not a drill” …thank God there was no ultimate cause for worry…)

The disappointed S… as she realized her school hour (most of which was spent in the basement) was over, and that daddy had to get back to work.

The hysterical, inconsolable S, on the car-ride home, as she made her disappointment known to everyone in our car, and to anyone whose eye she could catch through the window.

And the amazing S, who – once home – regrouped, helped me pick up E at school and when asked how we could celebrate such a big day, insisted that school days – especially schooldays with tornadoes, must be celebrated with (what else?) a princess tea party.  Well, by golly, polish the princess china, because we are ready.  And get T his Mickey Mouse plate.

(You’ve got nothing on us Nero.  You may have fiddled while Rome burned, but could you sip tea during a tornado?  I doubt it…)

(OK, the image of us sipping tea during an actual tornado is a slight mischaracterization, but still – for my crew – a tornado exercise in the morning is an all day attention-grabber.  For my girls, this was school/tornado day, and it merited a tea party.  Who’s going to argue?  Not this mama…wait, is that another tornado siren? No, just the tea whistling…)

But, I digress…

My point is that only S (and her inspiration/accomplice E) could find a way to top off a day that began with smashing glass, school firsts and tornado warnings.

We love every part of you, S!  Keep inviting us to your tea parties!

We hope you have a great year at school!


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