Which is worse?

Real conversation between my husband and me last Sunday, in the car, on the way to church (in low voices with the girls’ princess CD playing very loudly, i.e. I am positive the children could not hear us : )

Me:  Oh no!  The chocolate chip granola I was holding in my lap just dumped all over my seat and now I have chocolate chip granola on my [bum]!

My husband: That’s not good.

Me: And I am teaching Sunday School in the nursery today, which means I will be crawling on the floor with kids while greeting all the parents, and everyone will see chocolate chip granola marks all over my [bum].

My husband: Seriously, that’s not good.

Me: I just realized that if the granola got on my [bum], that means [bum] got on my granola!!!   Which do you think is worse?  Granola on your [bum] or [bum] on your granola?

My husband:  [thoughtful for a moment, then speaking…I love that this man considers even my inane questions very carefully]: Well, were you planning to share the granola with me?

Me: Yes.

My husband: Then I have your [bum] on my granola.  I’d say that trumps anything you have going on.


(I mean, the man has a point.)


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