What goes up, must come down (alternate title: the wisdom of Nana)

T has entered the climbing phase of childhood.  Today, I walked into the living room to find him standing on top of the ottoman.

It reminded me of the day, almost four years ago, when E learned to climb on the same ottoman.

I called my mom, “Nana”, in a panic.

You can imagine this conversation:

Me (in an exasperated frenzy): “Mom.  It’s crazy!  We got rid of our glass coffee table because we couldn’t childproof it and bought this soft ottoman just so E would be safe.  And now – here she is – standing on top of it!  She could fall!  So I keep pulling her off, but she keeps climbing back up there and screaming.  I am absolutely at my wits end.  We’re going to have to get rid of this too… or I’m going to have to put a gate around it… or …

Nana (very, very calmly): “Or you could just teach her how to climb down.”


If only Nana’s genius were hereditary…

(I am her oldest daughter; wouldn’t you think I would have inherited some part of it?)

Oh well, at least I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from Nana – at that moment and since then…

And she is still, always, only a phone call away.

Thank you Nana.

(E thanks you too.  By the way, she helped me teach T to climb down!)


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