Mom Tip of the Day (re: game day buffet)

With three kids ages five and under, you can imagine what I look like trying to move our crew through a buffet line (like the one we were blessed to have access to yesterday while cheering on our beloved Tar Heels).  Now picture us carrying our food to a place where everyone needs to eat while holding plate in their lap (i.e. the stadium seats at yesterday’s game).

Are you picturing food everywhere except in the children’s mouths?

Ahh, then you’ve seen us . . . if not at the game, then in similar situations, such as (1) potlucks with limited seating, or (2) when the kids get their “movie night” treats (popcorn, M&M’s, etc.) from our own “kitchen buffet” and eat it all on the couch.

Our solution?

(1)  Sippy cups for drinks, and

(2)  Buffet food in a regular cup instead of on a plate.

Yesterday this meant we

(1) took clean, empty sippy cups with us to the game (can’t carry in liquids!), and filled those once at the soda fountain.  Viola, the kids can carry their own gameday drinks without spilling.


(2) used our big, no-lid, soda fountain cups to hold food from the buffet line.  Viola!  The girls are carrying their own hot dogs and grapes.

End result: Each kid carried her own dinner; mom carried the baby; baby carried a pacifier (it came out of his mouth as soon as he saw the hot dogs), and everybody wins (including the Tar Heels, 28-17!)


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