You know when… (re: free grocery store samples)

I’ll do just about anything to make grocery shopping more manageable.

My standard tricks includes miniature shopping carts for the girls, a cart shaped like a car for T, and free samples for everyone whenever they’re available.

We love those free samples, especially in the stores that let you sample the fruit or cheese or anything from the bakery (fresh bread! birthday cake! sugar cookies!  Yum, yum.)

The kids recognize the displays now, and are pretty good at helping themselves and taking only one.

Still, today I realized we might be getting carried away with the free samples.

How did I know?

Well, let’s just say it *might* be a sign you’ve have been celebrating the grocery stores’ free samples a little too vigorously when you catch your kid eating the shaved ice out of the juice display.


fuzzy cell phone photo, but you get the idea

S was not drinking the juice, mind you.  The containers were sealed, so she knew they were not samples.

She was just eating the shaved ice.

“Look, mom!  Ice!  Do you want some?”

I declined and explained, but would still like it noted that even our three year old has adopted my philosophy.

She knows when it’s free, we’re not going to be picky.

Free ice shavings?  We’ll take ‘em.  Great snack item.

And how gracious to offer her mama some too!


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