Picking apples…making apple pie…rejecting apple pie…eating gummi bears!

We spent Friday evening with our cousins, Saturday apple picking and Sunday making apple pie!  What a fun weekend (though we really missed daddy, who was traveling for work Friday and Saturday…)

Our recipe for fall fun:

(1) Find a place to pick apples

(2) Have a great time picking apples!

(3) Play on the farm while mom convinces the owner to let her send him a check to buy the apples we picked, since she cannot find her wallet.  Then play with mom while we celebrate the nice man who agreed!  Play options = demonstrations on how to turn apples into apple cider, four tire swings, a porch full of rocking chairs, nature walks, and tables of sample apple goods including apple cake (!).


making apple cider (after the man spent 5 minutes explaining why this apple cider is very different from & so much better than apple juice, he gave S a sample and she exclaimed, "Yum! It tastes just like apple juice!") I think I was the only one amused by this...

one of four tire swings...we tried them all!

(4) Load everyone into car to drive home.

(5) Unload everyone from car because as we’re leaving I discover my wallet in the center console, which means we can go back in and pay for apples.

(6) Buy ice cream because (a) it’s ice cream, (b) we now have mom’s wallet, and (c) mom needs a break before loading everyone back into the car again.

(7) Eat fantastic ice cream on a porch swing and get so wonderfully messy that T has to go shirtless the rest of the day.


Chocolate ice cream - 1; T's shirt - 0

(8) Head home.

(9) On Sunday afternoon:  Have a fantastic time coring apples at home


(10) Realize that we have two apple coring devices in the kitchen, which means we accidentally stole one from my sister last year.  Sorry, Jake!  We owe you an apple core thingy!

(11) Roll out the dough!  (OK this is probably not what my grandmother meant by “rolling out the dough”…although technically – if you look closely at the picture – there is rolling involved here…)


If you can't make out the image of the red box in the background, it is pre-made pie crust. Sorry grandma!

(12) Prepare the pie.  Get the supreme compliment from E, who claims “the pie looks just like the one Snow White made for the dwarves in the movie, except hers had writing on the top”.


This is the pie Snow White made in the movie for "Grumpy" and is what my kids wanted me to do. Wouldn't my husband have loved it if I had served that for dessert without explanation. Fortunately for all of us, I am not that skilled with the dough.

(13) Put a strip of dough on the top to spell the word “I” (I admit…a token effort…but it was easy, and everyone in the family could pretend it was personalized just for them…).

(14) Read stories and eat dinner while the pie is cooking.

(15) Cut the pie.  Have the kids taste it.  Determine that no children like it.  Serve ice cream with gummy bears for dessert.


"gummi bear a la mode"

(16) Move everyone out to the driveway to help wash the mud from the apple farm off the car.  Take turns spraying each other with the hose.  End result: car still muddy, kids very wet.

(17) Decide a spray with the hose counts as baths for everyone.

(18) Collapse into bed.

All in all, a very successful apple pie making experience…

And a very, very fun weekend…

Even if – after all of that –  my kids chose “gummi bears a la mode” as the better dessert!


2 responses to “Picking apples…making apple pie…rejecting apple pie…eating gummi bears!

  1. Love this! I actually discovered I’d left it while in Jacksonville, but for some reason thought yours was long gone (didn’t I bring mine over because yours was missing and you were making a pie for someone? Ok, maybe for us…). The awesome thing is that when I saw the pic of S, I figured it might be mine and it made me so happy to see them using it, because it IS very cool and fun to use. So now I feel like I was there and that “I” stands for me too. Miss you guys!

  2. I remember now that you brought it over one day when we were all feeling apple pie-ish because our peeler doesn’t work correctly. (The piece that peels the apple digs too deeply, which means we end up with a very skinny apple.) It is yet another item in our collection of “useless things we keep around because someone more handy than ourselves could theoretically fix them”. It is a ridiculous pile of things to have since we can’t fix anything, none are worth enough to pay to have them fixed, and we’re short on random people who drop by and offer to fix things for free, but there they all sit! So we now have our useless one, next to your accidentally stolen one. Quite a collection we’re working on, huh?! Anyway, thanks for the extended loan on the apple-peeler. We will get it back to you someway, someday, somehow! And you were totally here in spirit, and we definitely miss you too!

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