What kind of house assessment is this anyway?

We are refinancing our house to take advantage of the amazingly low interest rates, so today a representative from the bank came by to assess our house.

He arrived this afternoon and was immediately assaulted by the girls who wanted to know who he was and what he was doing.  He made the mistake of encouraging them to ditch the sticker activity I had set out for them and inviting them to tag along as he completed his work.

Poor naïve, innocent man… he chuckled when I asked, “are you sure?”

Well, after an hour of assessment, which included (1) an introduction to every doll in the house, (2) several offers from both girls to check measurements with their own miniature rulers, and (3) a very startled, screaming T who awoke from his nap when his room had to be reviewed, the man looked at me and said (in these exact words):

“Your house is full of crazy”.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the verdict from a professional house assessor.

So if you’ve seen us (or are a frequent reader!) and have been thinking it, you can now state your case while citing a legitimate source.

(By the way, today was fairly normal, as far as our house goes.  Can you imagine if he’d caught us on one of those days?!  We’d earn the crazy label for sure!)

P.S. For those who are interested, I did ask him how being identified as a “house full of crazy” would affect the assessed monetary value of the house.  He grinned, told me he had three kids who were all grown now, and that as far as he could tell, we were the good kind of crazy.  According to him, from his perspective as a parent, “good crazy always increases the value of a house“.  That’s the professional word, folks!  and I say, “Amen” to it!


One response to “What kind of house assessment is this anyway?

  1. Hoo hoo! love it. Bring on the craziness.

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