From “ow’s” to vows (alternate title: never understimate the value of a kind word!)

E announced today that she might ask X (a boy in her Kindergarten class) to marry her.

When I asked her why she had chosen X, she told me that when she had scraped her knee on the playground, X was the first one to ask her if she was ok.

How’s that for a Kindergarten lesson?

Note to those who might have missed recess on Friday:  Never underestimate the value of a kind word.

(Or the expense of one, apparently.  I am allowed to say that as a parent-of-the-bride, who would likely be expected to pay for the wedding.  Although as far as venues go, the elementary school playground has to be on the more reasonable side…)

Anyway, there is no date set yet, and the groom may change, since apparently E was also quite smitten with another little boy who made everyone give her some space after she fell so that the teachers could rush in with a bandaid.

May your scraped knees recover well, E!

And (a little hopeful blessing/advice from your mama…)

May you continue to fall (figuratively!) for the nice ones.


One response to “From “ow’s” to vows (alternate title: never understimate the value of a kind word!)

  1. This makes my heart sing! And yes, three cheers that she didn’t fall for the pusher, tripper, or taunter. Hearts of gold always shine best when reflecting each other. Nice Guys: 1; Smucks: 0.

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