Gone are the days . . .

This is the image people picture when a mother says, “I rocked the baby, then put him down for his nap”.


It does not reflect the reality that when your child is 15 months old, you will say, “I’m going to rock the baby and put him down for his nap”.  Then while you are peacefully rocking him (with your eyes closed, in hopes that he will follow suit), he will reach up to your face with his little hand and stick his precious finger up your nose.

Of course, you will be so startled that your eyes will fly open as you gasp, which he will think is tremendously funny, and, viola!  A new game has been invented.

So much for my days of gently rocking T into slumber.

P.S.  “Ouch”, says the nostril.  Could someone please clip this child’s nails?


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