Why? What did you talk about at the football game?

S would like to know:

“When birds poop, does the poop get on the feathers around their fannies?”

And if so, “how do they clean it off?”

These questions were inspired by watching the mascot for the Louisville Cardinals at this weekend’s Carolina football game.

I think it had as much to do with the slightly constipated expression on the bird’s face as it did with the feathers shooting out the rear of the costume, but you’d have to ask S to be sure.


You could see how this facial expression could be misinterpreted by a 3 year old (stock photo). No offense, Louisville fans.

And although this is a stock image from a basketball game, the bird tends to do things like this at the football games too. The seated position and body language did not help distract S from the idea that he might need to poop at some point.


This is the best stock photo I could find that shows the tail feathers that fascinated S. You have to admit the kid has a point. The feathers do appear to be directly in the line of fire.

Anyway, while you’re talking to S about what inspired the questions, could you also please answer those questions for her?

I have studied educational theory for years, and still have absolutely no idea how to provide the information my children would really like to know.


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