You said it, A. A. Milne! Now if only my kids would listen…

When I was pregnant with our first child (E!), my husband and I decided that our nursery would have a book theme.  We chose a few favorite books from our own childhoods, made copies of their covers and select illustrations, matted and framed those images, and hung the frames on the nursery wall.

Well, even though we moved from that house & nursery two years ago into our “new” place, I have never gotten around to hanging those pictures back up on the wall.

Part of the delay is that by the time we moved, we had spent several years reading to our children, and I really felt that we should update our book choices.  Instead of hanging up the pictures from the books that my husband and I had loved as children, I thought, maybe we should hang up images from the books our kids loved now.

Well, if plan A was “books from mom and dad’s childhood”…

and plan B was “books our children currently love”…

I am now officially moving onto plan C, because yesterday, while reading library books to the kids, I discovered p. 12 of A. A. Milne’s book “Tigger Comes to the Forest”.

Check it out:


As a relatively sane adult pregnant with my first child, I probably would have never considered this illustration to adorn my sweet, sentimental nursery.

But I am now the very happy, still sentimental, but extraordinarily sleep-deprived mother of three…

…and this is absolutely going up on our nursery wall.


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